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Holly’s upfront message to Rory McIlroy... just look at what you are missing...

With a knockout frock, killer heels and sleek hairstyle, what is Rory McIlory’s former girlfriend Holly Sweeney trying to convey? We asked five experts...

Maureen Coleman

Showbiz journalist

If you've got it, flaunt it — and Holly Sweeney's got it in abundance. Following reports that the attractive blonde has split up with on/off boyfriend Rory McIlroy, Holly was papped ‘hanging out' with some girlfriends at Benedict’s bar in Belfast.

Squeezed into a sexy, on trend, nude-coloured body-con dress, which showed off her best assets to full advantage, she left us with no doubts about Rory's preferences — he definitely likes his birdies busty! But what else does the picture tell us? Is she sending out the not-so-subtle message to her ex: “Look what you're missing”? Perhaps, as most women have been guilty of that. Or is she just a fashionable young woman with a great figure who likes to wear clothes to show it off?

Michelle McTernan

PR consultant

I think Holly is trying to send a message to Rory to perhaps make him see what he has lost.

She’s a young girl and has gone out on a Thursday night to enjoy herself, so why not get dressed up? I think she has behaved with dignity, it’s not as if she has given a quote or sold a story to say how badly she has been treated

She has been very dignified and I would draw comparisons with Kate Middleton, who remained silent when she and Prince William split up at that time. The Press picked up on the fact that she went to Dubai with friends, but why shouldn’t she?

The outfit is certainly a bit ‘boobilicious’ but I don’t think it is distasteful.

Tracey Hall

Model agency boss

I think it shows how confident Holly is that she turned up to a Miss Ireland heat where she knew there was going to be loads of Press and where she would be surrounded by a host of beautiful girls. I don’t know that she’s trying to send out any sort of message, but is just saying that she still has a life and she’s not about to hide away like many of us would.

I have nothing but admiration for her. It is very hard to get over a long-term relationship, but I wouldn’t write Rory and Holly off just yet. They’ve been through so much and she has been with him through thick and thin.

However, he’d need to make his mind up pretty quickly because looking the way she does, Holly will have a lot of other offers on the table.

Katrina Doran

Editor of Sugahfix

Wow! That’s definitely an expression of “look at what you are missing, Rory”. There is no mistaking that — it’s a knockout outfit.

Holly seems relaxed and content and there’s something really attractive about that to a guy. If you look sad and needy, that’s a real turn-off.

Her hair is lovely and her make-up is done really well. She’s definitely showcasing those assets. If I was her I would have worn a pendant a wee bit lower, and perhaps bigger earrings. But the dress is fabulous. She really has a lot of confidence and she’s saying “I’m hot and I know I’m hot”.

That could be a dress to lure in a new man, and I’m sure she will be inundated.

She’s also clearly enjoying herself out with her girlfriends.

Cathy Martin

Style guru

It’s great to see Holly out on the town and I didn’t realise that she had such great assets. Nude is a great colour as it is in this season.

I don’t even think she is trying to send a message to Rory. I think she’s just wearing a really nice dress and looks fabulous in it.

It’s not like Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend, Bar Rafaeli, who was tweeting pictures of herself.

Holly went to an event in Belfast and I’m sure she didn’t expect to be all over the papers because of what she is wearing.

I do not think that her message is explicit, but if Rory is getting a message, then so be it. I don’t think that is her primary intention.

Jane Hardy

Lifestyle journalist

If Holly Sweeney has been sending Rory McIlroy messages over the past few weeks, they’ve been as confusing as the golfer’s own attitude towards where he wants to play.

First, she went on holiday to Dubai, for some sun, sea and er, superiority. The sub-text was “I don’t need you, Rory, and can have a (very) good time by myself”.

Now she’s reverted to her Marilyn hair shade and is partying with the girls. Her dress, which highlights her assets, seems to say: “Look what you’re missing, Rory.” Yet, without sounding unsisterly, Holly’s expression looks defiant and rather sad. When Holly really moves on, she won’t have to prove anything.

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