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Jodie Kidd: Picture of happiness


Jodie Kidd

Jodie Kidd

Sean Dempsey

Jodie Kidd

Former supermodel Jodie Kidd talks about finding contentment in motherhood and her hope to return to modelling.

A blond-haired toddler is tottering across the lawn, followed by a trio of pet dogs, while a tall, willowy woman is filming the touching procession.

She's Jodie Kidd, the supermodel who throughout her career has been more used to being in front of the camera lens, but who is content these days to make her one-year-old son, Indio, the star.

“I just want to capture every moment of his growing up,” she says as she scoops him up in her arms.

“He's changing so fast and this time is so precious. It only seems like yesterday when he was born and now he's walking which is such fun and I just want to record these milestones.”

Kidd, with her statuesque good looks — she's six foot with stunning bone structure — has graced the covers of magazines around the world.

Naturally competitive and sporty, she's also parachuted from helicopters, bungee-jumped, and taken part in high-speed motor racing challenges, but she confesses that the thrill of motherhood beats it all.

“It's the most scary, brilliant, exhilarating experience I've ever had,” says Kidd (33), who lives with her partner of two years, Argentine polo player, Andrea Vianini (46).

“It beats everything I've ever done by a mile and Andrea and I feel very lucky and blessed.

“Motherhood has definitely changed me as a person. I'm so much more relaxed and calm and I have a patience that I never had before. I've spent my life living at a very fast pace, travelling all over the world modelling, jumping out of planes and into racing cars but now my pace has to suit Indio.

“You can't rush a baby and it's been amazingly rewarding to devote myself to another human being and see this little being blossom and develop his own personality.”

The TV star, who's competed on Strictly Come Dancing and appeared on Who Do You Think You Are? is clearly delighted at the new dimension to her life and is celebrating her personal contentment with Vianini.

They have been friends most of their lives and met through their shared love of polo. Kidd is an expert player and the couple split their time between their Sussex home and a ranch in South America, where they breed polo ponies.

But their son's birth wasn't without drama as he arrived two weeks early and had to be delivered by emergency Caesarean. Vianini filmed his arrival while Kidd's sister, make-up artist, Jemma watched the delivery through a glass screen.

“It was a bit of a panic situation and at one point I thought he'd be born in the car on the way to the hospital,” she says.

“I'd been warned he was lying in a funny position and I might need a Caesarean but his early arrival was nerve-wracking. I was just so relieved he was all right in the end.”

She's sanguine about the idea of marriage. Her 18-month-old marriage to online entrepreneur Aidan Butler ended in 2007 and the 33-year marriage of her parents, businessman and former showjumper Johnny Kidd and Wendy ended six years ago.

“Marriage? We're very relaxed about that. I've been there and done that,” she says. “I think marriage is very tough these days and it can put a lot of pressure on a relationship, so although I wouldn't say no to it we're happy as we are for the moment.

“We have a lovely healthy, stable relationship, and we're very happy being parents. We have brought this little person into the world and we've got to be grown up and responsible and we both are.”

Her home is homely rather than grand and her love of the country and animals is apparent.

“I love all animals, but particularly dogs and horses,” says Kidd, who launched a Paws In Places campaign (facebook.com/cesarpawsinplaces) by dog food company Cesar, which identified Brighton as the most dog-friendly place in Britain and highlights other areas which are welcoming to pets. As part of the campaign, she recently posed with her pet Jack Russell, Dooby, in shots replicating scenes from the Oscar-winning French film, The Artist which depicted a Hollywood star and his faithful hound.

“I love going out with my dogs and walking them is fine but often when you want to stop and enjoy something to eat or a drink it can be hard to find establishments which welcome them,” she says.

While life has centred around her baby, Kidd, who also designs her own clothing range, says she now has ‘itchy feet' and is looking forward to working more.

“Motherhood's been pretty all consuming up until this point because I had to learn as I went along — babies don't come with a manual, do they?” she says with a smile.

“I've been so lucky that Jemma's got two-year-old twins, Mae and Darcy, so she's got loads of experience and has been wonderful if I've not known what do do.

“But now I'm ready to get involved with more projects. I love working and I'd like to get back into modelling. It was a huge part of my life for so long and I love the fashion industry, so we'll have to see.”

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