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Kate Middleton: nice-but-dull Duchess cuts an annoying baby bump pose

I see nice-but-dull Kate Middleton has been cupping her baby bump for the photographers, writes Una Brankin

It doesn't bother me but it seems to vex my elderly female relatives terribly.

They can't stand that pose, especially when the celebrity or VIP is wearing a form-fitting fabric, probably because it's drawing attention too close to the private parts, or something like that.

It can look a bit smug, I suppose, and I had to smile at Grazia magazine inferring that Jennifer Aniston must be pregnant from a photo of her, with her hands resting on the side of her breadboard-flat abdomen, at some book launch last week.

If it's possible she is actually expecting, she's on the naughty list from now on at my aunties' houses.

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