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Northern Ireland businesses support breast-feeding scheme

The Public Health Agency (PHA) has commended a number of Northern Ireland businesses that have signed up to a scheme to make breast-feeding in public easier.

Over 300 organisations and businesses have now joined the ‘Breast-feeding Welcome Here’ scheme, which aims to make feeding in public easier for mums.

The PHA’s regional breast-feeding co-ordinator, Janet Calvert, said the scheme has made a difference to the quality of life for mums hesitant about feeding in public — especially as the Easter holidays approach.

“The PHA would like to reassure mums that if they feel a little hesitant about breast-feeding in public, not to be discouraged from planning family excursions,” she said.

“There are various popular attractions across Northern Ireland which have joined our initiative to support mums who breast-feed, to ensure they feel totally comfortable.”

Businesses and council facilities that have signed up to the scheme have made a commitment to welcoming breast-feeding mothers and babies and have agreed to display a pink sticker and certificate.

A full list of breast-feeding-friendly locations can be found at

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