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Pippa Middleton is caught out by candid cameras

By Sarah Caden

If nothing else last week, at least Prince William must feel he's being taken seriously. As was widely reported when he got engaged to Kate Middleton, the young Prince had two major requests.

He wanted Kate to be eased into public life, not plunged in, as his mother had been, and he wanted his in-laws embraced by the Royals, rather than erased from their daughter's life, as was the habit in the past. And, so far, so good, depending on who you are in the big, happy, extended family.

For while last week it was reported that Kate -- who has been keeping a low profile, with only one official appointment a month since returning from her glitzy tour of the US -- was receiving an education in matters of state, politics and the arts, her little sister Pippa was learning a harder lesson in what it means to be connected to the Windsors. To whit: if you're going to sit in a fashion-show front row, make sure you're showing not even a hint of knicker. No one from the paparazzi to the palace will leave themselves open to accusations of repeating the same mistakes with Kate that they did with Diana, but Pippa, well, that's a different matter.

To sit in the front row of a London Fashion Week show is no small thing; a signal that you've arrived. And, lucky old Pippa gets to enjoy such things, while Kate cannot without being unseemly. It's a perk of Pippa's position, or so it seemed until she actually sat down and realised that her short skirt rode up so much that photographers crouched in front of her could, possibly, see her underwear. If they really tried. And they might.

And so she tugged and pulled at her pretty and uncooperative outfit and tried to keep smiling and, no doubt, wished those cameras would leave her alone. But they won't, not yet, anyway. Kate might be keeping a low profile, but part of being embraced by the in-laws means Pippa's now the fair-game end of the Firm. There's always some price to be paid, by someone.

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