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Top medic in breast checks call to women

By Claire Harrison

Northern Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer has urged women to be more aware of changes in their breasts, stressing its importance in saving lives.

Dr Michael McBride highlighted the importance of early detection in improving survival rates of a disease which 1,000 women are diagnosed with here every year.

Speaking during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, he said 300 women lose their lives to breast cancer in Northern Ireland each year.

Dr McBride said: “It is expected that as many as one in nine women will develop breast cancer in their life. This is an extremely serious disease and we need to do everything possible to improve survival rates.

“It is really important that all women are familiar with how their breasts normally look and feel at different times. You should know what is normal for you. Check your breasts regularly and be aware of any unusual changes.”

Dr McBride also urged women to attend breast screening when it is offered to them.

“If you are aged between 50 and 70, you will be offered breast screening every three years. It is very important that you attend because it can detect cancer at a very early stage when there’s a good chance of successful recovery,” he added.

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