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Video: Kirstie Allsopp and psychologist Linda Papadopoulos discuss how half of new mums would prefer help with household chores instead baby presents

Whilst many might think that showering a new mum with a baby gift is the perfect present, for some parents, it couldn’t be further from the truth… 

New research, surrounding the Everyday Effect by P&G, reveals over half of new mothers (51%) would actually prefer someone to help out with the household chores so that they can focus on their baby, emphasising that seemingly ordinary things that can make a big difference to those around us.

In this video Kirsty Allsopp is joined by psychologist Linda Papadopoulos to discuss how 41% of mums find the first six weeks after giving birth as being like they were caught in a whirlwind with mothers saying having a baby is more challenging than passing a driving test (44%), buying or moving house (42%), changing jobs (41%), sitting A-levels (38%) and arranging a wedding (35%).

With over two thirds finding that the amount of washing doubled, 16% saying dishwasher loads doubled and 44% commenting that the amount of housework they managed to do halved it’s no surprise that a little help with the chores would be very welcome.

And while Dads are also feeling the pressure with 62% saying they weren’t prepared for how stressful having a baby could be, they are also stepping in to support their partners during this whirlwind period. 43% of mothers said their partner was the biggest support helping them with practical everyday tasks or household chores. In fact seven out of ten mums would rather their partner spent more time at home following the birth than buying them an expensive baby gift.

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