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Who has been Katie Price's best lover? Could it be a student?


Katie Price

Katie Price

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Katie Price, centre, addresses students in the Oxford Union (Oxford Union/PA Wire)

Katie Price, centre, addresses students in the Oxford Union (Oxford Union/PA Wire)

Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price

Elizabeth Pantaleo

Katie Price

Katie Price

Anna Gowthorpe

Katie Price

Katie Price

Frederick M. Brown

Katie Price

Katie Price

Ian West

Katie Price

Katie Price

Frederick M. Brown

Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price



Katie Price

Katie Price surprised an Oxford University student yesterday by telling him he could be in for some special extra curricular activity.

During a question and answer session at the university’s student union, the reality TV star was asked by one male student to loud laughs:

The twice married model told the questioner: ""It could be you", before adding to the 21-year-old: "I'll eat you for breakfast."

When questioned by another about what she looks for in a man, she joked: "If you want to get 10 men to stand up there naked..."

The former pin-up told the assembled group: ”There’s no excuse for people to just get pregnant and stay at home. I come from a family that has had to work to earn a living.

“No-one has an excuse not to try to earn a living, glamour model turned business woman Katie Price told Oxford University students yesterday,

There's no excuse for people to just get pregnant and stay at home.

"I come from a family that has had to work to earn a living.

"It doesn't matter if you're a single mum or you have financial stuff, I believe that if you really want to do something and put your mind to it, it's feasible, but you really have to be realistic.

"That's how I've lived my life. The more people say 'you can't do that', the more I say: 'Well watch me.'"

Price, who shot to fame as Jordan in the late 90s, was invited to the Oxford Union to give a talk on her life and colourful career.

She also told the 1,000-strong crowd that she believes there needs to be tighter regulations on the media.

Having already spoken in detail of being hounded by paparazzi, the reality show star answered a question on the subject, saying: "There are so many things that need to be tweaked and done properly, more regulation.

"You've got people coming across (badly) in this industry because they're not saying things right.

"There's a lot more control that can be done."

She added that she felt sorry for the new host of reality stars from shows such as The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea as they do not know the industry as well as her.

She said: "I'm just very lucky that I've got a lot of people around me.

"I think the media know now that they're not going to destroy me. I'm indestructible."

Wearing a cream satin top, shiny leggings and black boots, and with her long blonde hair in loose curls, Price, 33, entered the hall to rapturous applause before admitting: "I'm absolutely petrified; I'm not very good with audiences at all.

"I don't really know what to say."

Prompted to talk generally about her life, she spoke for around 10 minutes before the floor was opened up to questions.

Asked if she thought she was hypocritical to moan about media intrusion having made her name in the tabloids, she said: "I do think there should be some kind of privacy law. You should be entitled to some kind of privacy when you come home.

"I absolutely love the job I do, but all I ask for is for them to be honest."

Addressing the students, she added: "If there's any lawyers in here or anything that wants a job, I can give you a job as every single day there's a story written about me that's untrue."

Price spoke little about her two failed marriages. When asked about her first to pop star Peter Andre, she said the union should invite him to speak so they could ask him himself.

Questioned about her second husband, Alex Reid, being newly engaged to his new girlfriend and fellow reality star Chantelle Houghton, despite still being married to Price, she said: "As soon as we're divorced I hope they're happy."

Asked about the controversy over a joke made by comedian Frankie Boyle about her eldest child, Harvey, who has septo-optic dysplasia and is autistic, she described him as a "disgusting man".

Price, who is also mother to Princess and Junior, went on: "I won't have anyone saying anything bad about my children, and not just that, anyone who knocks anyone with a disability.

"I'm sure if he was making a joke about the colour of skin he would have got more in trouble."

She added that she is still awaiting an apology.

The only question she refused to answer was which political party she voted for in last year's election, saying: "I stay away from religion and politics."

Price, who said one of her proudest achievements was posing for Playboy, told the audience she was not ashamed for her children to know about her glamour modelling career.

She said: "My nan was a topless mermaid and people used to pay money to look through and see her.

"So if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me."

Describing herself as a "rich chav" and "common as muck" and her audience as "posh", she told them as the session ended: "You are our future in here. You must be so intelligent, so brainy and fascinating to be around.

"I bet hanging out with you lot I'd actually learn a lot."

She drew big laughs when she added: "I wouldn't like to play Trivial Pursuit with you."

Speaking afterwards, students said she had come across as more warm and likeable than they had expected.

German student Sophie Burt, 23, said: "I thought she was surprisingly funny. She's obviously not traditionally intelligent but I can understand why she's got so far and I think she did come across as honest and down-to-earth.

"I wouldn't say I was a fan but I have an interest in successful women."

Emma Davies, 21, who is studying maths, said: "She was more honest about things than I thought she would be. I thought she'd refuse to answer some things but she seemed willing to give honest answers."

Film studies student Lucy Blackall, 20, said: "She came across very positively, very family-orientated, which is admirable.

"She seemed to think that we're posh but we're not."

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