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Marc Jacobs loves old houses

Marc Jacobs says despite his wealth he would prefer to live in a home that has a leak every now and then.

The fashion designer created his eponymous label in 1987 and has overseen its massive growth where he now has stores littered throughout America and across major European cities.

This success has allowed the 47-year-old to purchase property in some of the more desirable areas of America, but when asked about his latest townhouse in Chelsea, New York, Marc was less enthused over its potential.

“It’s a touchy subject. I’m sure it will be a beautiful home, but I’ve always lived in old pre-war buildings in the city. I was convinced it was a good idea as there is a concierge service and a parking lot, so it’s good in terms of travel and my life. Maybe, left to my own devices, I would like to live in an old townhouse and have a leak once in a while,” he told British Vogue.

Along with running his own company, Marc was appointed creative director of Louis Vuitton in 1997. The role involves the designer travelling back and forth from his American home to Paris where he also owns property. When asked of his home in France Marc refused to compare the two.

“Paris is Paris and this is New York; the volume and space are also different. Anyway, we will see; I’m most excited about shopping for furniture,” he stated.

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