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Mark Ruffalo: I’m a reliable guy

Mark Ruffalo says he’s the actor to employ if filmmakers do not want any “bullsh*t”.

The 43-year-old has played many cult figures including Stan in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Paul in his critically acclaimed latest film The Kids Are All Right.

Now the versatile American is set to become Bruce Banner for an updated version of The Avengers, due out in 2012. Ruffalo, married to actress Sunrise Coigney, thinks he is a reliable character and will cause little fuss on set.

“I consider myself a journeyman actor,” he said. “If you want someone to serve the film, you don’t want too much bulls**t.

“You want someone who’s committed, who’s going to show up on time, who’s gonna be in your corner. When you need someone, I’m the guy.”

On playing Banner, plus his menacing alter ego The Hulk, Ruffalo added that he is walking into the unknown as he is yet to even have completed lines to learn.

“You’re taking a flying f**k at a rolling donut in these movies because you don’t exactly have a finished script,” he explained. “The only thing you have any understanding of is the people you’re going to work with.”

But he’s pleased he will get to work alongside Robert Downey Jr., who encouraged him to take the roll – plus Ruffalo is a fan of the green comic book icon.

“Robert calls me, and he’s like, ‘This is gonna be fun.’ Because we worked together on Zodiac, and I grew up with the Hulk, especially the Lou Ferrigno Hulk,” he explained

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