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Mena Suvari keen to have children

Mena Suvari says she would like two children at least

The 31-year-old actress married 25-year-old concert producer Simone Sestito in a ceremony in Vatican City, Italy last June. With the pair happily wed, Mena has turned her attention to extending her family. The actress has always longed for children and she confirmed she won’t be stopping at one.

"Everybody wants a child. I want at least two children, maybe in another year or so. Who knows, I might end up having five and being this crazy woman with all these children," she told People magazine.

Mena admits that she plans to start a family within a year, fully aware that age is catching up with her as she prepares to turn 32 next month. The American Beauty star believes that having children will be the most important act she could do in her life and as a result intends to take it seriously.

"I think that would be the ultimate experience for me. I think that's where you really find yourself. That's what's important about life," she added.

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