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Myleene Klass urges families to 'hula hoop'

Myleene Klass will help British families keep in shape with a fun exercise regime, it has been announced.

The TV presenter, musician and model, who first found fame in the band Hear'Say almost a decade ago, has teamed up with frozen food firm Birds Eye as a celebrity expert.

But fans of Captain Birdseye need not fear as Klass's face will not be taking his place.

Instead, the 32-year-old mother-of-one will show off her toned body to demonstrate how people can get 100% out of life.

Klass has created a "pre-tea active challenge", which consists of a series of simple exercises for families to do together before their evening meal.

The challenges include "100% Hula", "100% Dance", "100% Skipping" and "100% Ball Games".

Birds Eye launched its 100% Challenge to help families make the most of life.

The company chose 100 families out of thousands of entrants to take part in the challenge, who will be supported by a panel of experts in three areas.

Klass will share her knowledge of an active lifestyle, while healthy eating tips will come from Amanda Ursell and Tanya Byron will assist with family life.

"My Birds Eye Pre-Tea Active Challenge gets the family together before teatime for a few minutes of simple and fun exercise," Klass said. "I love to hula. So pick up your hoop, shake those hips and start hula'ing for 10 minutes every day like me."


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