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Nick Cannon: Mariah Carey’s making me gain weight

Nick Cannon has admitted wife Mariah Carey’s pregnancy is causing him to gain weight.

The television personality is married to singing superstar Mariah, with the pair announcing last month that they are expecting twins.

So far the pregnancy is going well, and Nick admires Mariah’s method for dealing with cravings. Apparently the star has been preparing some delicious homemade meals, although once the dishes are ready to eat her cravings have been disappearing. For that reason, Nick has been eating all the leftovers, and he fears he will be the one needing a post-pregnancy diet more than his beloved wife.

"I think she's figured out brilliantly that when she craves stuff she doesn't necessarily have to eat it," he told Radar.

"When she cooks, she cooks everything from scratch and then the cravings go away. So I get stuck with eating all the food. I'll be gaining weight during this pregnancy."

Nick has been blown away by Mariah’s physical and mental strength so far during the pregnancy. He can’t get over how well she has been handling all the changes to her body.

"She's holding up beautifully. To see this strength! It's a different type of strength to carry around two babies," he gushed. "She's not even concerned with her aches and pains which I'm sure are great. She's so nurturing right now. It's wonderful. It's amazing to see."

The romantic star also explained how fond he is of Valentine’s Day – which is coming up next month. Nick plans on spoiling Mariah even more than usual this year.

"I'm going to bring Valentine's Day to my wife. I'll probably Valentine's the house out. We're gonna put balloons, flowers, all of that stuff everywhere," he beamed.

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