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Rihanna enjoys ‘five meals a day’

Rihanna keeps in shape by eating five meals a day.

The flamboyant singer is known for her revealing stage costumes and love of skin-tight dresses, meaning keeping slim and toned is essential for her. The star doesn’t like faddy diets, instead choosing to maintain her figure using exercise and healthy eating.

“Rihanna eats five small high-protein meals a day – something like fish or chicken, because protein staves off hunger and helps her body build lean muscle mass,” her pal explained.

The 22-year-old does allow herself some treats though, and hasn’t cut out carbohydrates from her diet entirely. She also likes to season her food with a lot of spices, to ensure it’s still tasty even if it is healthy.

“She still has carbs at lunchtime or she feels tired and cranky,” the friend told Look. “When she eats fish, it’s cooked with loads of spices like cayenne pepper, cinnamon, garlic and hot mustard. She snacks on Brazil nuts, as they are rick in selenium, which also keeps your metabolism high.”

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