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Roberto Cavalli questions discipline skills

Roberto Cavalli worries he hasn’t been a good father, as he’s always too strict or too laidback.

The Italian fashion designer has five children from two marriages, and still doesn’t know the secret to being a good parent. He gets on well with all his kids, and is constantly amazed by how different they are.

“Sometimes, because of my success, I am afraid that I was not a good father. With the first two I was too strong, and with the other three I was too weak. I told Tommaso, ‘Take a Ferrari and go to Monte Carlo!’ He said, ‘If I drive a Ferrari, it will be when I am able to buy it myself.’ I say to myself, ‘OK, Roberto, maybe you were too strict.’ But Daniele, he take everything. He destroy my Porsche in the highway!” he laughed.

Roberto is married to Eva, who is a grounding force in his life. She is his second wife, and her family were amazed when they first met the designer. They married in 1980, and Eva’s family were initially worried about what she’d got herself into.

“I come from a very simple family,” she told W magazine. “This, what we are living now, is very complicated. When my father came here, years ago, we had dinner one night, and he said, ‘Eva, what is happening? I’m worried. What is all this shouting?’ I said, ‘Don’t worry. Everything is fine. We are just talking.’”

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