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Sewing holes leaves men in stitches

Men find it more difficult to darn a hole than to cook a roast dinner, according to a new survey.

Two-fifths (41%) of men said they would have trouble sewing up a hole in a jumper while only a fifth (22%) admitted they would struggle to cook a roast dinner.

Women were more confident than men about their sewing skills - only a fifth (20%) said they would struggle to darn - but almost as many (17%) said they would struggle to cook a roast dinner.

Reverse parking and downloading files to their phone were the tasks most likely to fox females, according to the YouGov research for online video specialist RealPlayer.

Around a quarter (27%) of women admitted they struggled to reverse park - compared to 14% of men - while a similar number (25%) said downloading was difficult, compared to just one in 10 (9%) of men.

YouGov questioned 2,124 adults online between April 23 and 26.


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