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Tamara Mellon worried about market stall

Tamara Mellon says she was worried what her father would think about her selling Acid House T-shirts on a market stall.

Tamara co-founded the Jimmy Choo shoe company, which now has stores across the globe. The entrepreneur is hugely successful, but she used to be fearful her father Tom Yeardye would disapprove of the market stall she set up in London, England, when she was much younger.

“I was very nervous about telling my father about it,” the 43-year-old confessed.

Tamara thought her father might look down on the venture, thinking her academic talents were being wasted.

However, the fashion icon was pleased when the exact opposite happened.

“I worried he might think, ‘Oh my God – that’s not what I’ve paid for private education for.’ But he was really supportive,” she commented.

“He said, ‘Great. You’re going to learn how to trade, how to buy and sell, so just get out there and do it’.”

Tamara explained how he noticed the budding businesswoman had a skill, and gave her all the advice she needed. She says her father could always recognise business acumen.

“He had a great ability to spot potential in people and bring that potential out of them. And he really pushed me,” she explained.

Tamara added that Tom, himself an entrepreneur who has since passed away, was an inspiration to her. She appreciated the way that he never pressurised her into anything and provided her with so much love.

“He was in a sense someone to live up to, but he was never ... He always did it with a lot of love,” she beamed.

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