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The tummy tuck which can boost your breast size

By Catherine Lynagh

Is taking fat from your tummy to make bigger boobs every flat-chested woman’s dream?

For the first time UK women, under local anaesthetic, will be able to have fat liposuctioned from their tummy and thighs, mixed with other body cells and then injected into their breasts.

Advocates of the surgery believe the development will revolutionise the plastic surgery industry.

Harley Street surgeons, Dr Roberto and Dr Maurizio Viel, have now successfully carried out the breast enhancement on 10 women — and 10 more are due to go under the needle this month.

Other doctors have voiced concerns about the long-term safety of the operation, claiming that it may increase the risk of breast cancer and that the implanted tissue could harden, causing deformity and possibly masking tumours.

However, the first British patient to undergo the operation, known as platelet injection fat transfer (PIFT), in December last year, 25-year-old Emma Harding, said her new bigger breasts are “very natural-looking indeed, so much better than implants — I'm delighted”.

Emma, who had her breasts increased from a 32B to a C-cup, said: “Having silicone implants was not for me — I may have wanted a bigger chest but I didn't want to look like Jordan. And I didn't like the idea of something alien in my breasts.”

She continued: “I began speaking to surgeons about other options, which is how I was offered the chance of having a PILF breast enhancement by the Viel brothers.

“I was concerned that it was a new treatment and there was an amount of uncertainty in the outcome and longterm effects. But Dr Viel reassured me I had nothing to worry about and that the procedure had been carried out in America.”

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