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What makes a successful career woman turn to angels?

Ingrid Darragh is among a growing number in Northern Ireland seeking an unconventional path to achieve a more fulfilled and balanced lifestyle. Stephanie Bell finds out more

What makes an ambitious, intelligent, high-earning career woman turn to angels in a bid to find happiness? And does she believe it actually works?

Ingrid Darragh enjoyed a big salary and all the perks it brought, including exotic holidays and a luxury home.

But she felt any sense of happiness and fulfilment she had was only superficial — and when she was diagnosed with a serious illness, she took a long, hard look at her life. That included seeking counselling and trying out alternative health treatments including Reiki.

Then, one day she found herself turning to angel cards ... A self-confessed sceptic, she now says she regularly gets messages from unearthly powers for herself and those she knows.

Ingrid is one of the organisers of an event taking place in Belfast next week. It is aimed at helping local women learn to love themselves and lead happier and more fulfilled lives.

The other two organisers, life coach, Jenny Grainger and personal stylist, Anne Rowney, have also overcome many obstacles including divorce, weight issues and debt.

In each case, they have been able to transform their lives by changing how they feel about themselves.

They now hope to help women of all ages to do the same through Beautiful You, where they will be sharing ideas on how to improve and enhance your self-image, tips on how to grow in love with yourself, how to connect with your guardian angels and how to feel better about your body and style.

The unusual workshop will help women focus on the mind (coaching), body (styling and self-image) and spirit (angels).

Jenny Grainger says: “I have coached hundreds of women over the past five years and what I have observed is that when a woman takes the time to improve her relationship with her Self and to put her Self first, everyone in her life benefits because she is happier, more energised and more fulfilled. This event is all about giving women the tools and techniques to do that.”

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