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Who wins swoon factor: Our Jamie Dornan or Poldark's Aidan Turner?

It's the great north v south debate.

Just who is hunkiest, our own Jamie Dornan or the latest object of female lust, Aidan Turner from Dublin?

Aidan (31), who is dating actress Sarah Greene, has been wowing fans with his starring turn in the remake of the classic BBC drama Poldark. With his dark, brooding good looks, Aidan has helped to turn the drama into a huge success with audiences of up to 6.9 million.

Aidan's millions of female fans were treated to a glimpse of his famed six-pack as he stripped off and used a scythe to cut thick grass in a field.

But is he really sexier than our Jamie (32), who is still basking in the world-wide success of Fifty Shades of Grey and is tipped for Hollywood stardom?

Jamie, who is soon set to film a third series of hit drama series The Fall, recently revealed that he had undergone a gruelling fitness regime to get in shape to play Christian Grey.

So who is hotter? We asked writers Maureen Coleman and Frances Burscough for their views....

Maureen: Sex on legs Turner can turn me on anytime at all

Irish men never seem to fare very well in those polls of the world's hottest guys, trailing behind their foreign counterparts more often than not.

So it's refreshing to see that two of the sexiest men on the planet right now are Co Down's Jamie Dornan and Dublin actor Aidan Turner, a cross-border combination of male loveliness.

Dornan undoubtedly is a beautiful man - all chiselled features, toned physique and huge, baby blue eyes.

But there's just something incredibly carnal about Turner. The man is, for want of a better phrase, sex on legs. He exudes testosterone from every pore and women know, we just know, that he'd show us a good time.

Of course, a lot of it is down to characterisation. As Ross Poldark, in BBC1's remake of the 1970s hit drama, he has the phwoar factor, with his tousled hair, brooding dark looks and seductive smile. His role as the sprightly dwarf Fili in The Hobbit doesn't have quite the same appeal.

Out of costume (now there's a thought) Turner is a good-looking man. But put him in a frock coat and riding boots and he becomes the subject of a million female fantasies. Heck, the man's even made hairy chests sexy again.

Last Sunday night, when viewers caught a glimpse of Poldark's pert posterior as he skinny-dipped in the sea, Twitter almost exploded. The scene eclipsed that famous Darcy moment when Colin Firth emerged from the water in a wet shirt in a television adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

And that's why women love Aidan Turner as Poldark. He's a ravishing mix of every Byronic hero in literature - Darcy, Heathcliff, Rochester. Even his flaws, like the scar on his face, are attractive.

I haven't seen Dornan in Fifty Shades yet and having read the book, I don't intend to either. You can keep Christian Grey and his Red Room of Pain. Turner can turn me on any day.

Frances: Holywood star stole the show and also my heart

Ok, so I'm in a room and standing in front of me on one side is Jamie Dornan, the dark and brooding heart-throb from Co Down who currently stars in Fifty Shades of Grey, while on the other is Aidan Turner, the dark and brooding heart-throb from Co Dublin who currently stars in Poldark. Whom do I choose?

Sadly - nay, tragically - this is only a hypothetical situation. If such a thing were ever to happen in real life, I would simply bolt the doors, swallow the key and never let either of them leave. Or at least until Kit Harrington and Robert Pattinson arrived to take over their shift.

But choose I must, so let's just say I would certainly start with Jamie Dornan and take it from there. So why Jamie? Well, I feel like I know him a lot better. I feel like we've been through a lot together in the last few years. First, he was one of the models I used to drool over in the menswear fashion editorials. Then he landed that role in the brilliant TV drama The Fall so I used to drool over him in that, too. Then there was series two which (let's face it) was a bit of a damp squib but Jamie, from Holywood, once again stole the show and so I lived to drool again.

Then finally he was snatched up by the other Hollywood and made his big break into the big screen in the starring role as Christian Grey, (inset left), in Fifty Shades and so I watched it simply for Jamie D. So there has been a lot of drooling between us at the very least. Sadly this wasn't mutual.

Also I feel like I would have a lot more in common with JD. Well, as much as you possibly can have with a narcissistic, sado-masochistic serial killer with a penchant for torture. For a start he's from just down the road originally, so we would have something to, er, chat about.

What's more, he's clearly in touch with his feminine side which is always a good sign. In Fifty Shades, for example, he knew how to tie yer woman's hair into a plait and he did it very efficiently. Not many men can say the same. And in The Fall he liked to collect women's underwear - as do I - and he had a collection of dolls too - as do I - so we could share notes over that too.

As for Aidan, well so far he's a bit of a mystery and I really prefer to get to know my dark and brooding heart-throbs a bit better before I share a fantasy with them.

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