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Women are pants at packing for hols

Women are pants at packing and take twice as many knickers on holiday than they actually need, according to a survey.

Including thongs and briefs, women pack an average of 15 pairs of pants for their trips but wear just seven, the survey of 2,000 women by budget airline easyJet found.

Women also get their knickers in a twist over just how many bras they need for their breaks away, packing an average of seven but only wearing four.

In all, women fail to wear a third of the clothes they pack to go on holiday.

Additional items packed but not worn include, on average, four tops, one pair of trousers, one skirt, two pairs of shoes and a raincoat - amounting to an additional 5kg in weight.

Women aged 18 to 50 were questioned for the survey.


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