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Zoe Salmon’s so fed-up with low fat supermarket meals that she made herself ill for TV show

By Emily Moulton

She has conquered the ice rink, scaled a mountain and even had a crack at Formula One racing but for daredevil Zoe Salmon her latest challenge has been the toughest to date.

The Northern Ireland beauty, who recently posed for FHM showing exactly why she was voted one of the sexiest women in the world, has been putting her body through a different kind of test — which has made her sick.

The 30-year-old former Blue Peter presenter has been involved in an exposé on the health food industry for her newest programme for BBC3, The Big Fat Truth.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Zoe explained the month-long experiment —which involved eating only low fat, pre-made supermarket convenience food — tested her willpower as well as health.

“It was just awful,” she said.

“The main thing was you weren’t allowed anything fresh. You weren’t allowed any fresh fruits or vegetables or rice or fish.

“It had to be pre-made, convenient. I wasn’t used to having that in my diet so the BBC even had to buy me a microwave.”

When she was first approached to do the show, Zoe explained she was curious.

She always thought, like many others, that the easy, ready-made meals which are promoted as being a healthy alternative to |traditional fast food had to be better for you.

But after the first week of eating only those she soon discovered the real nutritional value.

Zoe said she felt lethargic, as well as feeling sick.

And while she never thought she would end up seriously ill |because she was monitored by doctors for the programme, she did feel very sick a lot of the time.

“It took me weeks to get over it,” she explained.

“I only started to come back to proper health about three or four weeks ago, when I came home for Christmas.

“I never want to eat that food again. I am not saying I was the healthiest person when I started it — I like my takeaway pizzas, Chinese and Thai food, but at least most of those are made fresh.

“The foods I was eating were high in preservatives and E numbers. My body just wasn’t used it. It had a real big impact on me.

“It’s just a complete myth that you are actually doing your body a favour when you have these meals — they are not healthy.

“Yes, they are lower in fat, we are not denying that, but actually it’s not really the best thing for your body to eat all the time.

“I think it’s so important to be healthy. I just wouldn’t do it to my body again.

“And while I was ill for that month, it’s a small price to pay to know what I do now.

“It was a real challenge to put myself on a really strict, controlled diet and eating things you know aren’t good for you.”

The Big Fat Truth airs on BBC3 at the end of January

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